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Hospital Pharmacy CAROUSEL

The Pharmyx storage and dispensing system is the only system to load its own inventory, dispense its own medications, and even reload its own returns. The Pharmyx system automates the entire process from receiving through dispensing.


Reduce Errors

Reduces medication errors by removing virtually all human touchpoints.


Reduce Labor

Reduce wasted labor by eliminating the manual loading and dispensing of oral medications.


Increase Compliance

Increase compliance by delivering medications to the right patient at the right time.

Our Story

Art Brown knew there was more that hospitals needed to do to manage medication inventory, not long after he and his team developed the original automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) for Pyxis in the late 1980’s.  Continuing his journey to develop and bring to market innovative products, Art led engineering efforts for the next few decades across numerous industries but always knew that he would come back to finish the work he started to bring better systems to healthcare.

Understanding the problems in a hospital pharmacy, Art and his team set off to develop an affordable solution to the under-automated pharmaceutical supply chain that could save lives while dramatically reducing labor and human touch.

Pharmyx Automation is the culmination of that work to bring forward disruptive technology that works within the hospital pharmacy environment to solve the major challenges of: reducing medication errors, reducing hospital costs, and increasing medication compliance.

About Pharmyx

Pharmyx is a pioneer in hospital automation equipment. The Pharmyx team developed the first automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) and now proudly introduces the first fully automated zero touchpoint system for storing and dispensing oral medications in a hospital pharmacy.

MedStrip™ Packager

MedStrip™ Unit Dose Packaging

MedStrip™ Transport


Pharmyx developed the MedStrip™, a unit dose blister package that works with the Pharmyx CP automated system. each MedStrip™ is labeled with a 1D and 2D barcode to provide for detailed tracking and monitoring for all activities and reporting including expiration and recalls at the unit dose level.

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